marcos rosemberg

Marcos is a jewelry artist born in 1980 in Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul / Brazil). Graduated in International Trade and with a MBA in International Business, he left aside his academic experience to devote himself exclusively to the art of jewelry. Since his youth, he showed interest in minerals and gems, working for years as a craftsman using materials such as nickel-silver, natural fibers and seeds.

In 2006, Marcos did a jewelry technical course in SENAI-RS and right after he set up a workshop in his hometown, where he began to develop his artistic work. In 2007, Marcos decided it was time to improve his aesthetic view on jewelry. He moved to Copenhagen (Denmark) and there he had the opportunity to develop his artistic work by studying jewelry design at the Institute of Precious Metals at the same time that he was an apprentice from the jewelers Marco and Carolina Vallejo’s at theirs workshop.

Marco and Carolina are jewelry artists recognized by the originality of their work. As work philosophy, both focus on the creative process rather than on the final piece, which arises naturally as a response to the plastic research. Moreover, they have their own gallery of contemporary jewelry called "Aurum" in Copenhagen, where Marcos had the opportunity to work and refine his techniques under the guidance of his masters. It was also through the teachings of Marco and Carolina that Marcos developed his self-expression, giving life to his creative nature.

Currently, Marcos lives and works in Porto Alegre. He divides his time creating new pieces, searching for inspiration to new collections, dialoguing with his earlier works and researching new techniques to incorporate into his creative process.

All pieces that Marcos produces are unique and handmade. His research revolves around observations of the natural world, nature’s transience and all its organic beauty. His desire is to capture that beauty through the creative process, in which he concentrates on finding the balance between beauty and imperfection, working intuitively with the chance.